Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Top 10 Best Under-21 Players in Career Mode in FIFA 16 List

I will continue to introduce other good under 21 players you can use in career mode of FIFA 16 Coins. We all know the better players you choose, the more chance to win. Of course you should consider the chemistry of your team and formation.

Youri Tielemans – CM – 18 Years Old
There are many good center midfielder in FIFA 16, Youri Tiemans must be mentioned. He is only 18 years old and has a potential of an 89 rating. In addition, his overall rating at 75. His best attribute is passing and balance. All excellent stats remind you don’t miss him.
Luke Shaw – LB – 19 years old
Be the same, Luke Shaw is a potential player while his age at 19. His pace is good,too. The pace rating can reach 84, and overall rating at 76.
Hector Bellerin – RB – 20 Years Old
The Arsenal speed merchant is going to be the right back with the highest potential in the game. His overall can increase from 70 to 86.
Marquinhos – CB – 21 Years Old
Marquinhos is the most trade player in career mode of FIFA 16. He played an important role in the transfer market of FIFA 15, I believe he will do the same thing in FIFA 16. Marquinhos owns the stats overall rating at 81, potential rating at 89. His best attribute is marking at 92.
Simone Scuffet – GK – 21 Years Old
There are not too many goalkeeper under 21 years old, he is the only one in my list. And he really is a best player in career mode of FIFA 16. His overall rating at 71 and potential rating at 86.

If you have some different opinion or other players to recommend, I summarize ten players under 21  You can write some comments. And you can buy the players with cheap FIFA coins.

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