Monday, December 29, 2014

Three Keys For FIFA Franchise

FIFA 15 is still the best-selling sports game on the planet, and it continues to be an incredible sports gaming experience for all skill levels. Simply put, there’s a lot to love about the FIFA franchise now and into the future.

The best can get better, and as we head into 2015, here are three keys for the FIFA franchise.

1. Make Styles Stand Out More. Teams still feel way too similar. The tactics and styles present in soccer are incredibly diverse, and the one thing FIFA hasn’t quite figured out is how to make teams feel different.

2. Manager Mode Needs Some Life. Manager mode is great, but the mode needs an overall breath of fresh air. I’d love a more dynamic/alive world to continue to be built into the mode to ensure it continues to be a fun experience.

3. U.S. Stadiums/Better Representation of MLS. It’d be awesome to have the actual MLS stadiums in the game, not unlike the Premier League’s treatment this year. Having the MLS more properly represented across the board could help the league in creating new fans — but it will also satisfy the US Gamers who have been wanting this for awhile.

Then what do you think FIFA needs to do next year to be successful?

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