Friday, October 24, 2014

Tricks to Create A Dream Squad in FIFA 15

With great expectation, FIFA 15 finally released on September 23 , 2014. In order to win and experience dynamic match presentation as well, creating a dream squad in FIFA 15 is a must . Then how? Follow  the  tips below.

Firstly, select players. You should earn ,trade, and collect superstars like Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard to create your own fantasy team. Good player is essential.

Secondly, choose proper instructions. Up to five attacking and defending player instructions can be applied to each of ten outfield players. Adjust instruction according to different condition and you should believe suitable is the best.

Thirdly, fix flexible formation. There are more like 25 kinds of formation such as 4-2-3-1,4-2-2-2 and so on. Your opponents now recognize what’s happening in the match and will adjust their formation just like real players. So, different opponents, different formation should be.

Last but not least, adapt excellent tactics. Set a default team tactic to each of your team sheets so your game plan is locked before hitting the pitch. Or go deeper and add custom tactics to any of your line-ups. Park the Bus, In The Mixer, and Time Wasting-familiar tactics you will need to overcome. You will also be able to set your team mentality to Park the Bus to counter your opponent’s Team tactics.

All in all, in order to build a dream squad in FIFA 15, fully use your intelligence and management skill. And if you need cheap FIFA 15 coins, just feel free to contact our Fifapal 24/7 Live Chat Help. Hope you understand how to build a dream squad and have fun!


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