Friday, October 31, 2014

The Best Time to Buy and Sell TOTW Regular Players

It may amaze you, but the majority of FUTers do not know exactly when they should be buying / selling players when trying to implement specific coin making methods.One coin making method in particular where knowing when to buy / sell players is of particular importance is the popular ‘Investing In Player Performances’ method, whereby you purchase the regular versions of the predicted TOTW contenders, in the hope of making a decent profit when the TOTW is announced. This coin making method can be implemented on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and the PC!

The TOTW is released every Wednesday at 6pm UK, where the worldwide announcement is made at just past 3pm UK. The anticipation of this announcement, and the announcement itself comes with worldwide hype, and consequently creates easy opportunities to make serious fifa 15 coins on the back of an increase in demand for many players

By following the 2 rules below you WILL make coins using this method:
1).Always think in terms of supply and demand. You should always look to purchase potential TOTW candidates before they receive the worldwide hype for playing well. This can also be done in the early phases of their good performance, and will often ensure you get them at their cheapest, allowing you to make the greatest profit margins.
2).If the player is not too expensive, always look to sell before the announcement at a price where the player will sell. This is of particular importance as prices start dropping when the announcement is made for the vast majority of players!

Furthermore you should also think about the factors which influence supply and demand as these will help you to predict the player’s price movements. In these circumstances, supply can be influenced by ‘hoarders’, which is where FUTers buy up many of the same card and list them at what they deem to be a profitable time. However pack openings will reduce the supply of these regular cards due to the in-form’s availability. Demand can be influenced by player hype, and the affordability of that player’s in-form.

Buying and selling is most important and most sensitive when it comes to investing in player performances. Not even the best FUTers can predict the best times to buy / sell, but it’s very important you don’t overprice your listings! You will barely ever time it perfectly, so be happy with making safe profits which can be reinvested into an amazing team!


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