Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FIFA New Update In Effort To Put One Past "Illegitimate Coin Transfers"

Based on the buying, selling & trading of players via “card packs” – has been updated across platforms in a bid to curb what EA are calling “illegitimate” activity, and to create a fairer, more balanced gameplay experience.

With the new update, when you attempt to list an item on the UT Transfer Market, be that a player or consumable card, the set range at which it can be sold will appear, and you will have to set a Buy It Now price within the given range. This new range will be pre-determined by the FIFA team, and maintained across Xbox, PlayStation & PC in the interest of fairness.

The new ranges aim to make high-rated stars, such as Messi, more attainable, whilst also clamping down on third-party coin trading websites, who swap your real world cash for a guaranteed over-the-top in-game purchase of Peter Odemwingie for 27million fifa 15 coins, or something equally ridiculous.

EA have noted that the newly introduced feature is still subject to change, and “certain players may be adjusted in the future” as they work to improve the implementation of Price Ranges within Ultimate Team.

In conjunction with these changes, the game’s Transfer Market will remain inaccessible from the Web and Companion Apps.